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IT Services

Integration of cybersecurity products

CYBER ICS installs, configures and maintains hardware and software security solutions: firewalls, antivirus, remote access, backup solutions...

IT System Development

CYBER ICS develops and installs cyber-secure information systems for their clients, while respecting budget & time allocations. CYBER ICS manages commissioning and maintenance after deployment.

Custom and tailored backup solutions

CYBER ICS' team of experts offers its know-how and experience to implement a ready-to-use, tailored on site backup and restoration solution, and associated services.

In-house development

CYBER ICS experts are capable of developing software and integrated solutions, to answer growing and evolutive needs of businesses.

Secured maintenance

In order to integrate cybersecurity in the day-to-day maintenance activities, CYBER ICS implements vulnerability management and on-site patch management in the Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) cycles.

Engineering and consulting

CYBER ICS designs secure communication architectures and network architectures for their clients, using a "secure by design" approach.

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