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Your security,
our expertise.

With over a decade of expertise in developing and securing critical infrastructures, CYBER ICS supports its clients with dedication and passion, and offers solutions to their complex problems.

Our Services


CYBER ICS offers a wide range of services, tailored to cover all security needs while providing optimal results.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Throughout recent years, CYBER ICS has performed dozens of technical audits, pentests and consulting assignments.

Cybersecurity for Industry

With their experience of mega-projects, securing industrial projects and critical infrastructures are a strong focal point for CYBER ICS experts.

TSCM Operations

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures ('bug sweeping') operations ensure adequate information security.

Forensic Analysis

Analysis of hard-drives and mobile devices are an integral part of cyberdefence and in-depth security.

Radio Spectrum Monitoring 24/7

CYBER ICS designs and provides technical counter-surveillance solutions to monitor and detect remote surveillance.

Procuring and Training

In need of specific hardware, software or training courses? CYBER ICS can provide you the necessary tools and skills.

You can also find info about our general IT services on this page.


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