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Cybersecurity Consulting

CYBER ICS has a broad experience in various subjects of cybersecurity and cyberdefence. It can provide the following services:

Depending on the assignment context and objectives, CYBER ICS experts define the adequate methodology using different types of audits:

  • Penetration testing,

  • Organizational audits,

  • Network / System architecture audits,

  • Configuration audits,

  • Source code audits.

Then, using a structured methodology based on client policies, international standards and industry best practices, CYBER ICS consultants identify the strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and recommendations to improve cybersecurity level.


By characterizing the risks in business terms, consultants are able to develop pragmatic and effective action plans with their clients. At the end of each audit, the findings and conclusions are documented in a report presenting the risks identified and making the related recommendations, along with the preparation of a detailed action plan.

Image by Taylor Vick
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