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Cybersecurity for Industry

Cybersecurity and cyberdefence for integrated and proprietary systems such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Access Control Systems (ACS) have become a priority for numerous organizations, especially following the trend of targeted cyberattacks against critical infrastructures.

Throughout the years, CYBER ICS has gained a unique experience regarding these types of systems, by assessing and implementing cybersecurity in some of the world's largest mega-projects in Oil & Gas, Energy, Water and Chemicals sectors.

From engineering to start-up, CYBER ICS helps companies achieve their goals while securing their personnel, operations, and assets. With the rise of IP technologies and network interconnections, cyber risks have become prominent in global risk assessments

The following activities are typically part of the services offered during industrial projects:

  • Performing Cyber Risk Assessments, using ISO 2700X and IEC 62443 guidelines,

  • Writing and validating Cybersecurity Specifications,

  • Auditing and pentesting systems,

  • Factory and site acceptance testings (FAT / SAT),

  • Offshore and onshore assessments,

  • Commissioning support activities


CYBER ICS has experience with the following systems and vendors:

  • ICSS / SCADA: Yokogawa, Emerson, Honeywell, Invensys, Schneider...

  • Turbines, Generators and Compressors: General Electric, Solar, Wartsila...

  • Building Management Systems, IoT...

  • Access Control Systems

  • Safety and Security Management Systems: Genetec...

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