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Radio Spectrum Monitoring (24/7)

During their extensive TSCM experience, CYBER ICS consultants have encountered numerous situations where in-place continuous monitoring would constitute a complementary solution with one-shot TSCM assessments. We spent several years developing, testing and perfecting a radio spectrum monitoring capability, in order to protect durably customers' offices and meeting rooms.

CYBER ICS unique Continuous Radio Spectrum Monitoring (CRSM) is now commercially available to CYBER ICS customers, with various procurement methods:

  • Surveillance of a meeting or a specific indoors area, for a short duration (usually a week),

  • 'Monitoring as a Service' with monthly or annual subscription, with durable and discreet installation of hardware components,

  • Complete procurement of a Monitoring system, along with maintenance and support provided by field experts.

CRSM uses state-of-the-art hardware and software, allowing radio monitoring from 0 to 20 GHz, configurable alert thresholds and customized reports. For remote or foreign locations, CRSM can be coupled with dedicated remote access capabilities to provide experts the tools to analyze data remotely.

Future additions to the CRSM line of products will include:

  • Real-time Wi-Fi device database,

  • Behavioural analysis using multiple antennas and receivers.


Please contact us to know more about this product.

Image by Gontran Isnard
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